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August 2012 Chive Chatterings Newsletter


July 16, 2012

            The Herbs for Health and Fun Club met Monday evening at the lovely garden of JoAnn Lamczyk in Centralia, with  17 members and 2 guests present.   President Judy Mason welcomed everyone, and called the meeting to order. 

            The minutes of the last meeting were published in the newsletter.  It was noted that the map to Barth Park in Cisne was actually the map to Glenda Eubank's home.  After this correction was made, the minutes were approved as written.

            Ernie Henson gave the treasurer's report for Treasurer Ann Henson, who was unable to attend.  He reported a balance of $13,161.19.  He also reported that Ann had filed the required corporation form.  Three scholarships have been paid, one each to Micah Dugan and  Robby Bennett (to Kaskaskia College) and to Hannah Herzing( to Rend Lake College).  Ernie read a thank you from Kaskaskia College for the 2 scholarships.  The treasurer's report was approved.

            Co-chairwomen Lucy Baker and Treasa Brookman gave their Herb Show report.  There will be about 46 booths, and several of these vendors have submitted subjects for proposed  presentations, which Lucy read.

            Treasa brought the "Encyclopedia of Roses" book which the Jefferson County Master Gardeners will present to the Brehm Library in memory of  Perri Bond, Master Gardener and Herb Club member.  Treasa will leave the book at the Lee Extension Office for a few months for the convenience of Master Gardeners and Herb Club members to see.

            Member Theresa Greene has received the State Sustained Excellence Award for Master Gardeners.

            It was reported that long-time vendors, Raymond and Sue Creasy will not return to the Herb Show, due to the fact that they don't sell enough items to warrant the long trip from Arkansas.  After discussion, Leora McTall made a motion to offer Raymond and Sue Creasy free booth rental, in exchange for their folk music, played at their booth in the center of the mall, which sets the tone for the entire Herb Show.  The motion was seconded by Judy Beadle, and motion carried.  Treasa will contact the Creasys with the offer.

            Leora reported that the Salem Garden Tour was hot, but very enjoyable.  The vendors were located at the William Jennings Bryan Memorial Garden, where they now have an All American Selections Display.

            Treasa announced that the bus is full for the H.C.E. sponsored tour of the Calhoun County Barn Quilts.

            Ralph McTall made a motion the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Judy Beadle.  Motion carried.

            The beautiful bird feeder door prize was won by Craig Colclasure.



This was my first year for joining in on the fun at the 4-H fair.  I entered a vegetable basket, a plate display with two vegetables, they both received First Place ribbons, and the vegetable basket also received Best of Show and a Grand Champion ribbon. 

For my project I entered my Herb of the Year Garden.  I made a poster with a picture of my garden and pictures of the 21 herbs in the garden with their names.  I also listed how the herbs of the year were chosen and how a person can have an Herb of the Year Garden certified with the Illinois Herb Association.  I listed the propose of the garden, to help promote herbs and their many benefits.  I took some samples of some herbs of the year with some details of what part of the herb was used.  For my Herb of the Year garden project I received Fist Place ribbon, Best of Show, and Grand Champion ribbon.  It also was chose as a state delegate to go to the state fair.


Our next meeting August 6th will be at Glenda Eubanks home.  I sent out a map in our last newsletter to her home.

Her address is
17683 N. Normandy
Mt. Vernon Illinois 62864
Phone- 316-1025


The August 20th meeting will be at Diane Hultgren's home. 

Her address is:
1513 N 17th st.
Mt. Vernon Illinois 62814
Her phone number is 242-5364

General directions from Mt. Vernon going north on 37, turn at sharps parking lot onto Linview Dr. go to the T and turn left onto N. 17th, 1st house on left, brick house with circle drive.


August will be our last meeting at homes, and meetings will continue at the Mt. Vernon Extension Office.

e-mail me at- herbtalk@live.com
Write me at: Josh Greene, 21027 East 6th Road, Bluford Illinois 62814
Text me at:

If any member has any information/story they would like to submit to the newsletter please send the information to the Newsletter Editor:


Theresa Greene
21027 East 6th Road
Bluford Illinois 62814

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