2008 Class Schedule

Free hourly educational seminars.

Friday, February 8th

10:15  Plant Propagation, Renee Kissner, Club Member and Owner of Renee's Hidden Garden


11:15  Growing Orchids in the Home, Little Egypt Orchid Society

12:15  Ticks, Doug Jones, University of Illinois Extension Entomologist

 1:15  Herbal Vinegars Made Easy, Treasa Brookman, Charter member of Herbs for Health and Fun Club.  See a demo on making your own, herbs, blends, fruits and many more.  Free recipes will be available.


 2:15  Tony Bratch: Growing Asparagus and Rhubarb in the Home Garden
 3:15  Growing and Selecting Hydrangeas, Ernie Henson, Club Member and Master Gardener
 4:15  The History of Scented Geraniums, Cleve Hayes, Puddingstone Farm
 5:15  KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Rob Proctor
Herbs in the Garden: The Art of Intermingling
Grow herbs where they grow best, whether it's with vegetables, in the perennial border or in the shade garden.  Evaluate your personal conditions to find just the right spots.  In additional, you can create fascinating and beautiful combinations intermingling herbs with other types of plants and even achieve some insect control in the bargain.

 6:30  Trough Gardens, Growing and Making Your Own Trough Gardens, Josh Greene & Zac Corbett, Jr. Master Gardeners

Saturday, February 9th

Stevia. Learn more about this natural sugar substitute and how it is used.  Ayers Greenhouse

FEATURED SPEAKER: Scott Kuntz, Old House Gardens.  Heirloom Bulbs: Unique, Endangered and Amazing Bulbs. Unique, endangered, tough, and gorgeous, heirloom bulbs can enrich every garden. After a whirlwind history of bulbs from prehistory through the 1950s, this lively slide lecture focuses on a season-by-season encyclopedia of antique varieties that are still available to gardeners today - wild lilies and hyacinths, Aztec tuberoses, colonial daffodils, Victorian tulips and cannas, Jazz Age dahlias, and more.
12:30  Roses; Easy care roses for today’s gardens.  Dennis Nelson, Master Rosarian, Life member of The American Rose Society, editor of Rose Talk; Monthly newsletter of Belleville newsletter.

Planting Your Own Private Paradise:  Beauty on A Shoestring
Achieve the garden of your dreams without taking out a second mortgage.  From seeds, cuttings and transplants you can create a beautiful, personal garden that only looks like you paid a fortune for it. In addition, make your patio a potted paradise of sight and scent in every season.

 2:45  Business Forum:  How To Turn Your Hobby into a Profitable Business, Moderator: Lucy Baker
 4:00  Have You Been Run Hard and Put Up Wet?, Topical Analgesics, Sue Lukens Creasy
 500  Mushrooms In The Garden, How to Identify and Use Found Treasures. Joe McFarland
 6:00  Hostas, Renee  Kissner, Club member and owner of Renee's Hidden Gardens

Sunday, February 10th

12:30  Native Orchids, Little Egypt Orchid Society

 2:00  Taste Testing: Try selections from newly published 9th addition of Favorite Herbal Recipes

Armchair Tour of Cost Rica, Alexis Weigel, Club Member

All class topics and speakers are subject to change.

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.

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