2018 Speakers


10:00 Pets and Gardening - Lucy Baker

11:00 Identifying Horticultural Pests & Problems for Home Gardeners - Elizabeth Wahle

Part of managing a garden pest or problem begins with proper identification.  Join Elizabeth as she discusses some of the more interesting pests and problems encountered by gardeners in the Midwest.

*12:00 -1:00 Break for Lunch

1:00 Those Other Fruit Bearing Plants - Elizabeth Wahle

If you enjoy experiencing new flavors yourself or want to provide additional must for wildlife, come learn about some of the lesser known fruit suitable for growing in the Midwest.

2:00 Garden Design Using Hostas - Bruce Buehrig
In this class, Bruce will describe the quintessential shade plant, which has thousands of varieties, colors, shades, sizes, patterns, and textures.  Learn how it can be used to enhance any shady garden.

3:00 Square Foot Gardening - Treasa Brookman
The simplest, easiest, most productive method to garden!

4:00 Bug-Free Naturally - Verlinda Newton (Sanctuary Home Spa Works)
Discover ways to deal with insects, naturally. Learn the problems with modern insecticides.

5:00 Linoleum Block Print Cards - Judy Mason (New Creation)
Students will carve out a design on a soft-cut linoleum block, ink the block and print it out on a card.

6:00 Herbal Remedies for Cold & Flu Season - Joyce Miller (Huckleberry Hutch)
Joyce will discuss several herbs that are good for stimulating the immune system, and simple remedies for sore throats, coughs, stuffy heads, etc.  Participants can make an aroma pouch for stuffy heads and a foot soak for colds and flu.  Cost is $10 per person. Please register in advance by emailing Joyce at:



10:00 Pottery Demonstration - Tony Treadway (Treadway Clay)
This class will be a demonstration of basic throwing on the potter's wheel, a brief history of the Wabash Region pottery (early Native American to present).  Also discussed, functional vs. decorative ceramics and what to look for in handmade pottery to become an educated buyer.

11:00 doTerra Essentials Oils

*12:00 -1:00 Break for Lunch

1:00 Shrimp Primavera - Chef Chad Howard

Come enjoy a lively session and demonstration with Chef Chad as he teaches and instructs the art of adding herbs to your cooking.  He will show various techniques to be used while cooking Shrimp Primavera in his session. You definitely do not want to miss this class!

2:00 Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball - Chef Chad Howard

Calling all kids (and young at heart) to join Chef Chad in a fun class making a Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball.  As Executive Chef for the Charles Ford Home in New Harmony, Indiana, Chef Chad has many tricks of the trade that he will teach and instruct during the class.

3:00 Miniature Garden Craft Time - Sandy Minton
Come make a miniature garden with Sandy! For children of all ages, and adults welcome, too.

4:00 Basic Bird ID (from your backyard to your favorite Nature Area) - Steve and Regina Garr (Birds-I-View)
It's always more fun to watch the birds when you know who they are! Come learn basic bird ID, including resident birds and migratory, seasonal birds.  From warblers to woodpeckers.

5:00 Disease Resistant Roses Have Come to a New Level - Diane Brueckman (Rosey Acres)
Diane will discuss and explain how progress has been rapid in disease resistance.  Hybridizers are putting much greater emphasis on disease resistance in their breeding programs, while not losing beauty and fragrance.

6:00 Rocks, Rocks, Rocks! - Cleve Hayes (Puddingstone)
Collecting and using rocks in the yard, garden and planters.

**All classes and times are subject to change.